Northwestern Steel & Wire used a CAT to move charging buckets back in the day.

Purring Cat is what they called it. Caterpillar 35 or plain old, “CAT” — they called it what they wanted but LeRoy Eshleman is the man controlling its paws in the picture. The men who are responsible for the operation of this tractor are important men to furnace production. In order to relieve congestion and lessen dangers in the Electric Furnace Department, it was decided to charge the scrap buckets with the cranes outside.

2014-06-25 Scrap Car (Mobile) That’s a charging bucket for scrap iron, in the picture, which is on the railway flat car. In that the locomotive was not handy at all times for moving the cars and in view of the Safety Rules that railway cars are not to be moved by the overhead cranes, another means was devised,,, namely the CAT.

Eshelman is a Scrap Yard bucket charger and sees to it that the movement of the scrap iron is continually flowing to the furnaces. They tell us that once you have learned to stay on the CAT that “wild hoss flesh” will never scare you.

Ed Reisener and B. Dewey’s grand just recently over-hauled the motor. In the course of the job they put new steel foot-plates on the sides. Both jobs were for safety improvements.