“Dillon” Wire Fence Stretcher

“Dillon” Wire Fence Stretcher

1906 – Hardware dealers’ magazine: Volume 25 – Page 1098

The Northwestern Barb Wire Co., Sterling, Ill., is offering the trade the “Dillon” Wire Fence Stretcher and Hoist. The construction of this device is such that there is a great multiplication of power. It can be readily attached or released by anyone who wishes to use a device for pulling or lifting.

Dillon Wire Fence Stretcher

Its special function is in stretching woven wire fences, but the


machine also finds many other uses about the farm, taking the place of a tackle block, pulling stumps. The makers fully guarantee it in every particular, and it has been put to a test in raising over 5,000 pounds as a hoist. It is provided with a center draft, and pulls the fence clear up to the post for stapling purposes, and no extra post is needed in order to stretch up to corner post. The machine is made entirely of malleable iron and is provided with handle ready for use A long heavy chain is part of the equipment.

The company is now utilizing their entire plant for the manufacture of Square and Diamond Mesh Field Fence Poultry and Garden Fence and the Dillon Fence Stretcher Special attention is being given to manufacturing a barbed top and bottom Field Fence